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    We Buy Your Pre-owned:

    Looking to Upgrade?

    Do you have an older model of technology that you’re wanting to upgrade? Sell your used aesthetic equipment today for immediate cash to re-invest into newer more modern technology. Ask about our Trade-in program today!

    Not Generating Profit?

    Do you have a device that is not generating a profit for the business? Is the price you have to charge for the treatment and your cost to perform the treatment not financially viable? Sell your used aesthetic equipment and re-cycle the cash into more profit-driven areas of your business.

    Equipment Not Utilized?

    Do you have any used aesthetic equipment that is not being utilized by yourself or your staff? Are they not a fan of the technology? Is the device too difficult to operate? Are they not comfortable performing the treatment? Sell your used aesthetic lasers that are not being utilized for immediate cash.

    Transitioning Your Business?

    Are you in the process of transitioning your business? If you have aesthetic devices that are not apart of your long-term business plan, the time to consider selling is now. These devices depreciate at a severe rate and if a technology doesn’t fit into your revenue strategy then call us today.

    • We Pay in Cash: Once we have come to an agreement to purchase your device, we pay cash. We issue the payment prior to removing the device from your facility.
    • We Handle Packaging & Shipping: With a 3,000 sq foot warehouse, we build custom wood crates and packaging for all device’s we purchase to ensure the upmost safety during transit. This expense is covered at our time and liability.
    • We Accept Liability: Once the device is removed from your facility, all liability of the condition is transferred to us. If something happens during transit or malfunctions, it’s our problem to rectify creating a seamless selling solution for you.